Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mike Mignola

I am currently reading the back catalogue of Hellboy. The stories are so solid and interesting due to the fact that Mike Mignola (creator, writer and artist) bases a lot of the stories on old folk tales. They are often weird but always enjoyable to read. The biggest thing that occurred to me though, is how much I love Mike Mignola's artwork. He's someone I loved when I was younger but forgot about him in the mist of time. I'm happy to have rediscovered him again. I love his style. Thick black block shading mixed with solid lines and simple looking characters that are heavily exaggerated but still seem believable, just brilliant. He's one of those artists that makes drawing comics look easy and trust me, it's not. His artwork oozes atmosphere which is an incredibly hard thing to create in a comic book and only a few can do it. If you've never read any Hellboy, give it a go. www.artofmikemignola.com

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