Saturday, 26 May 2012

G. Love & Special Sauce - Rhyme for the Summertime

Summer is finally here! I've probably jinxed things by saying that...sorry. This sort of weather calls for many things, BBQ's, beer gardens, less clothing, sun glasses, Cornettos, happy faces, beaches, the list goes on and on but it all needs accompanying music. Everyone has summer music but the soundtrack to my summer and pretty much every summer since I was 16 is supplied by G. Love & Special Sauce. They do a beautiful blend of Blues and Hip Hop like you've never heard before. The lead man, Garrett Dutton, grew up listening to both genres of music and tributes them both accordingly. He plays a solid blues guitar with blasts from his harmonica interjected into the music for good measure whilst lazily MCing in his own sloppy way. Stir all that up with a solid jazz drummer and double bassist and you've got toe tapping unique music that will have you smiling whilst enjoying a cold beer in the sun.

When I was at college a friend handed me a tape saying it's something I might like. In my hand I held G. Love's first Self Titled album. My friend had amazing taste in music so I couldn't wait to get home and listen to it. I hated it...I really hated it! there was maybe one/two songs on the album I liked but over all I thought it was lousy. A week later, that tape never left my Walkman. G. Love is definitely a grower and something happened in that week between being given the tape and it never leaving my Walkman. I don't know what, but I'm glad it did.

G. Love & Special Sauce has now stuck with me since then and there's no signs of them going away. I would say that they are my favourite musicians just because they've stood the test of time and every time I listen to then it still sounds fresh and new to my ears. I can relate G. Love songs to every aspect of my live and reminds me of endless good times.

I have to add that I met G. Love a few years ago in Bristol at an after show party. Backstage passes fell into my hands in the most luckiest of ways. It was a strange feeling shaking hands with your life long idol and look him in the eye whilst telling him how awesome the show was. He gave me a can of Guinness and on my way I went. I'm not a "I'm your biggest fan" sort of person so a hand shake was all I needed.

If you've never heard of G. Love & Special Sauce go check them out but remember, they're a grower. If you know about them then the time has come to break them out of their winter blues.


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